I wanna be the girl under you, I wanna be your G.U.Y. Yeah, I wanna be the grave unearth you. Our sex doesn't tell us no lies


  1. His first album was “Got To Be There”
  2. When he was younger he used to get an alloance of $5 per week and that was mainly used on art supplies.
  3. When Michael used a Paul Mccartney tune, “Girlfriend”, on his “Off The wall”, LP, it marked the first time five singels have ever been relesed from the same album in England.
  4. In response to the ever growing question, will he leave the Jacksons, he responds, “I want to continue to grow.To me, the biggest sin of all sins is to be given a gift, a talent, because it’s actually a gift from God, to take that and not cultivate it and make it grow, that’s the biggest sin in the world.”
  5. Michael is taking lessons from Katharine Hepburn.
  6. Michael sometimes jokes onstage,”When we started out, I used to be little, cute and charming. Now I’m big, cute and charming.”
  7. Michael and his sister LaToya, who have since recorded a single together,used to look at themselves as dance partners a la Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
  8. One of the reasons Michael stays so thin is, “Everything I gain, I lose on stage.”
  9. Michael is the fifth of the six Jackson sons.
10. Vulgar mails from fans turns him off.
11. He loves to read.
12. Michael won the Image Aword in 1980 for Best Actor in “The Wiz”.In the same evening he and his sisters won for best group.
13. The Jackson’s first playing gig was at a place called Mr.Lucky’s where the group recived a dollar apiece for their hard work.
14. ” We’ve traveled the world,but if we don’t do “Ben”, the audience goes crazy.”
15.  “When I’m on stage, I fell it’s the safest place on earth for me.”
16.  Michael doesn’t drink alcohol.
17.  He likes watching such old movies as “The Wizard Of The Oz”.
18.  He likes ballads the best.
19.  He had a chance to appear in the famed mini-series “Roots”, but his schedule at the time prevented him from taking the opportunity.
20.  He would like to become a better piano player.
21.  Michael enjoys doing benefit concerts for children such as group’s sell-out performance for the children in Atlanta last summer. That performance kicked off what may be the Jacksons’last tour. This isn’t definite, so don’t get upset yet!
22. Michael enjoys talking pictures of children.
23. Michael favorite cake is chocolate.
24. On a cold, cloudy day, Michael likes to sit by a roaring fire and write lyrics to his music.
25. Meeting fans is important to Michael.He loves to talk and get to know as many fans as possible.
26. It’s important to Michael to stay healthy,so he takes his vitamins everyday.
27. Do you day-dream?  Michael does, especially on a warm, sunny day in the park.
28. A soft,sexy scent will make Michael turn his attention to you.
29. Michael loves the feel of soft wool against his skin.
30. Little bugs get on his nerves - fast.
31. Balloons, balloons and more balloons are what Michael would send to you if you were his special girl.
32. Michael has long, soft eye - lashes just perfec for a butterfly kiss.
33. Falling a sleep against large, fluffy pillow is Michael’s idea of heaven.
34. Horror movies aer all - time favorites with Michael.
35. Michael hates mosquitoes.
36. When Michael is in a especially playful mood, he will pick you up and spin you aroud and around and around!
37. He loves to sing romantic songs more then any other kid.
38. Michael loves having long telephone conversationes with special ladies.
39. Michael thinks Japan is a wonderful country to fall in love because its beauty and romance.
40. Toothpaste squeezed from the middle is a pet peeve of Michael’s.
41. Go on a roller coaster with Michael and you’ll win his heart.The scarier the better.
42. Michael couldn’t go a day without dancing.
43. Sitting on the freeway at rush hour in Los Angeles makes Michael wish he was somewhere else.
44. Michael is proud of his sisters’ beauty.
45. He hates to see anyone get their feelings hurt for any reason.
46. A scratched record irritates Michael.
47. Michael loves animals.
48. He likes to feel the wind on his face and the sand between his toes as he strolls the quiet beach at sunset.
49. Michael always makes a wish on a star. Do you?
50. He likes wearing blue jeans.

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The world reacts to the new Ninja Turtles trailer. 

Few new parts of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.♥

Few new parts of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.♥